In Experts@CBS you will find academics of Copenhagen Business School that are willing to share their knowledge and experience and to comment on a huge range of issues.

Areas of expertise

Accounting & Auditing financial accounting, management information, financial management systems (ex. SAP, Oracle ao.), <..all..> Climate and Environment environmental standardization, environmental policy, companies & environment, <..all..>
Communication business journalism, corporate communication, corporate storytelling, crisis management, political communiction, rhetorics, discourse analysis, strategic communication, <..all..> Companies business ethics, corporate branding, corporate social responsibility, performance measurement, <..all..>
Computational Linguistics knowledge representation, machine translation, natural languages interfaces, onthologies, speech technology, term databases, <..all..> Construction & Housing Economics building industry (competitiveness), housing economics, housing financing, <..all..>
Consumers & Consumer Behaviour ad positioning, children as consumers, customer loyalty, <..all..> Country Expertise Argentina, China, Germany, Iceland, India, Japan, Latin America, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, Uruguay, USA, <..all..>
Culture & Economy art & economics, creative industries, cultural theory, <..all..> E-business bluetooth technology, distributed knowledge management, e-commerce & organizational processes, EDI, <..all..>
Economic Policies business policy, competition policy, monetary policy, <..all..> Economic Theory economics of work, financial ecconomics, microeconomics, quality, <..all..>
European Union and EU Law competition law, constitution, labour law, single market, <..all..> Finance capital markets, corporate finance, corporate governance, hedge funds, pension savings, stock markets, <..all..>
Foreign Trade globalization, mergers & acquisitions, <..all..> History banking and money history , company history, economic history, european history, political history, <..all..>
HRM & Personnel Management competence management, organizational change, <..all..> Industrial Economics industrial dynamics, interorganizational learning, networks, theory of the firm, <..all..>
Industrial Sectors airline industry, bio-medico, creative sectors, structure & development, hearing aids, furniture industry, iron and steel industries, music, <..all..> Information Technology 3G phones, banking systems, digital administration, e-government, IP telephony, open source, usability, <..all..>
Innovation & Entrepreneurship corporate venturing, design, education and globalisation, entrepreneurship, industrial development, intellectual property, innovation management, patents, management of technology, <..all..> Intercultural Communication cultural values, national identity, negotiations across cultures, transnational organizing, <..all..>
International Economics globalization, multinational corporations, exchange rates, <..all..> Knowledge Management corporate architecture, enterprise portals, intellectual capital statements, knowledge creation, <..all..>
Language and Culture English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, language policy, Russian, Spanish, <..all..> Law & Jurisprudence labour law, bankruptcy and financial restructuring, partnering, <..all..>
Linguistics general phonetics, corporate lexicography, foreign language acquisition, foreign language pedagogy, language for special purposes, sociolinguistics, terminology, <..all..> Logistics & Supply Chain Management information technology, logistics strategy, outsourcing, <..all..>
Macro Economics & Economic Conditions baltic region, eastern europe, network economy, new economy, <..all..> Management business administration, change management, corporate responsibility, management fashions, management philosophy, network, public management, <..all..>
Managerial Economics < all experts > Marketing advertising, business-to-business, complaint management, design and marketing, customer relations, <..all..>
Mathematics & Statistics data mining, evaluation methods, <..all..> Organizational Theory organizational change, organizational learning, hospital management, <..all..>
Philosophy & Social Sciences methodology and research philosophy, the theory of marxism, modern sociological theory & social analysis, theory of science, <..all..> Political and Social Conditions Arctic Region(s), England, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, USA, globalization and English, <..all..>
Politics & Public Administration e-government, new public management, outsourcing, public management & strategy, public sector businesses, <..all..> Production design for manufacturability, production improvement, procurement, production philosophies, <..all..>
Regional Economics regional branding, transnational regionalization, Silicon Valley, Oeresound Regionalization, <..all..> Research & Education management of research, research evaluation, study programmes (internationalization), <..all..>
Sociology action research, individual & society, social change, sociology of science, sociology of work, company & society, <..all..> Strategy competitive strategy and intellectual property rights, strategic forecasting, strategizing, <..all..>
Tourism Greenland, cultural industry, tourism industry, tourism strategies, <..all..> Translation & Interpretation interpreting, translation, translation processes, translation theory, <..all..>
Transport shipping, road hauling industry, <..all..> Work & Labour Market incentive pay, industrial democracy, wages & job mobility, <..all..>  

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