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Aggarwal, Aradhna

Development Economics, Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), Global Value Chains, Industrial Policy and Industrial Competitiveness, International Trade, New Structural Economics, Regional Trade Agreements, Special Economic Zones and Industrial Parks, Technology and Innovation, WTO Related Issues

Alacovska, Ana

Creative Industries, Creative Labour, Crime Fiction Production, Media Industries, Travel Content Production

Andersen, Torben Juul

Catastrophy Risk Financing, Corporate Strategy Development, Effective Strategy Processes, Global Financial Markets, International Management, Strategic Responsiveness, Strategic Risk Management

Andersen, Steffen

Behavioural Economics and Finance, E-Science, Experimental Economics and Finance, Household Finance

Andersen, Kim Normann

E-government, Implementation and Impacts of IT, Management of Robots, Online Health Care, Open Document Standards

Andersen, Henrik

Antidumping, Brexit, China's "One Belt One Road" Related to Trade Law, Dispute Settlement in the WTO, Law of the World Trade Organization (WTO)

Ashbee, Edward

Brexit and United Kingdom Politics, Budgetary Decision-making and 'Austerity' Policies, Contemporary Ideas and Ideologies, The Rise of Populist Politics, The Trump Presidency, United States Elections and Public Policymaking

Asmussen, Christian Geisler

Competitive Advantage, Drivers of Firm Performance, Game Theory, Global Cities, Globalization, Internationalization of Firms

Asplund, Marcus

Competition Policy, Competitive Strategy, Industrial Economics and Organization, Managerial Economics, Microeconomics, Pricing Strategies

Avital, Michel

Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Organizational Scholarship, Blockchain Technology, Change Management and Organizational Development, Creativity Support Systems (CSSs), Crowd-based Business, Crowdfunding, and Crowdsourcing, Decentralized Organization, Design Thinking and Design-Driven Innovation, Digital Entrepreneurship, Generative Work and Generative Organization, IT Management, Innovation and Digital Business, Open Data, Open Access, and Open Design, Sharing Economy and Collaborative Economy, Studio Pedagogy

Baiyere, Abayomi

Design Science Research, Digital Disruption, Digital Innovation, Digital Strategy, Digital Transformation, Digital Work & Work-Life Interface, Disruptive Innovation, IT Agility, IT Capability, Internet of Things, Sharing Economy

Barinaga, Ester

Community Currencies, Community-based Arts and Social Change, Microfinance in Scandinavia, Social Entrepreneurship, Territorial Stigmatization

Bechmann, Ken L.

Capital Structure, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Incentive Based Compensation, Pay-out Policy

Bévort, Frans

Human Resource Management (HRM), Management, Managing Professional Work, Organization Theory

Bjerg, Ole

Banking, Crisis, Debt, Economic Growth, Money, Sustainability

Bjerre, Mogens

Brands and Branding, Business Model Canvas, Customer Journey and Touchpoints, Franchising, General Marketing, Key Account Management, Relationship Marketing, Retailing, Sales and Sales Management, Service Management, Strategic Marketing, Strategic Selling

Bogetoft, Peter

Benchmark Applications (Schools, Hospitals, Networks, Municipaliti), Benchmark Methods, E-Science, Regulation of Natural Monopolies (Distribution Companies in Electricity, Heat, Water), The Economics of Contract Design - Contracts that Coordinates and Motivates the Parties

Borch, Christian

Architecture, Crowd Behavior, Financial Markets

Brier, Søren

Trans- and Interdisciplinary Philosophy of Science and Methodology in the Communication Sciences

Brincker, Benedikte

Calls for Independent State-Hood, Greenlandic Politics and Society, Nation-Branding, National Art, National Movements, Nationalism, Public Sector Digitalisation, Stakeholder Involvement in Public Sector Digitalisation, Welfare States

Buch-Hansen, Hubert

Cartels, Competition, European Competition Regulation

Buhmann, Karin

Business & Human Rights, CSR reporting, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Public soft and hard regulation of CSR in firms (national and international), UN Global Compact

Bødker, Mads

Experience Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, Internet of Things, Mobile Computing, Sensors and iBeacons, Service Design, Tourism and IT

Carstensen, Martin Bæk

How Ideas Affect Politics and How They Develop over Time, The Danish Financial Crisis 2007-2009

Christensen, Lars Thøger

Aspirational Talk, Autocommunication, Branding, Corporate Communication, Integrated Communication, Marketing Communications, Organizational Identity/Image, Strategic Communication, Transparency, Word-Action

Christensen, Nis Høyrup

Business and Politics in China, Chinese Market Policies and State Subsidies, Chinese State Capitalism, EU and China Trade Relations, Foreign Companies in China, Renewable Energy in China

Christensen, Leslie

Education and E-learning

Christensen, Bo

Creative Cognition, Creativity, Design Thinking, Evaluation of Creativity and Innovation, The Creative Process

Christensen, Leif

Accounting, Audit, Internal Controls

Christensen, Jannick Friis

Alternativ Organizing, Diversity Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Equality, Identity Politics, Intersectionality, LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender), Queer and Feminist Perspectives, Minority Studies, Norm Critique, Organisation, Power and Culture

Christiansen, John

Decision Making in Organizations, Implementation and Socio-technical Aspects of Emerging Technologies, Management of Product Development, Management of Projects, Portfolio Management

Christoffersen, Jeppe

Financial Statement Analysis

Citi, Manuele

EU Decision Making, EU Internal Market Integration and Regulation, EU Politics

Clausen, Lisbeth

Corporate Communication and Organization, Cultural Globalization, Danish Businesses in Japan, Human Resource and Talent Development - Japan in Focus, Japanese Business and Society, Japanese Economic Reform - 'Womenomics' - Women in the Labor Force, Japanese Management, Japanese Media - Public Service and Private Broadcast, Multicultural Teams Diversity and Dynamics, Transnational Corporate Communication and Value Work

Clement, Jesper

Eye-tracking, Neuro Marketing, Non-conscious Decision Processes

Constantiou, Ioanna

Big Data and Strategy Making, Consumer Behavior and Digital Services and Platforms, E-Science, Economic Impacts of Collaborative Consumption-Sharing Economy, Organizational Decision Making and Business Intelligence, Big Data

Dahlgaard, Jens Olav

Political Behavior, Political Leadership, Political Science, Representation, Voter Turnout

Dalgaard, Peter

E-Science, Statistical Methodology

Damsgaard, Jan

Business Models for Internet of Things, Digital Business Models, Digitalization, Finance and IT, IT Management, IT and Innovation, Mobile and NFC Payment, Mobile and Smartphones

de Jong, Ad

B2B Marketing, Creating Innovation, Customer Engagement, Customer Journey, Customer Value, Frontline Marketing, Games, Gamification, Marketing Research, Personal Selling, Service Marketing, Value (co)-Creation

de la Porte, Caroline

EU Social Policy, Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), European Labour Markets

Dean, Mitchell

Economic Theology, Georgio Agamben, Governmentality, Michel Foucault, Neoliberalism, Political Theology, Public Governance, Sovereignty

Dick-Nielsen, Jens

Corporate Bonds, Credit Risk, Liquidity Risk

Duus, Henrik Johannsen

Corporate Strategy, Economic Theory, Innovation and Innovation Management, International Business Marketing., Online Learning, Strategic Forecasting, The History and Philosophy of Economics and Business Strategy

Eger, Claudia

Corporate Philanthropy, Gender, Sustainability, Tourism, Tourism Development

Egholm, Liv

Global Teams and Cross-Cultural Competencies, Learning in Multinational Corporations, Philanthropy and Gift-giving, Philosophy of Science, The Danish Civil Society

Ellersgaard, Christoph Houman

Diversity, Elites, Networks, Power, Sociology

Erz, Antonia

Blogging, Brands and Branding, Consumer Behavior, Consumer Psychology, Social Media

Feldhues, Melanie Lucia

Management Accounting, Performance Measurement Systems, Top Executives´ Impact on Accounting Outcomes

Fischer, Marcel

Portfolio Choice

Florentsen, Bjarne Brænder

Corporate Finance, Pension Economics, Personal Finance

Flyverbom, Mikkel

Communication, Communication Technologies, Communication and Organization, Digital Companies, Digital Platforms, Digital Technologies, Digitalization, Internet Technologies, Media and Sociology, Media, Democracy and Citizenship, Technology and Innovation, Technology and Organizations, The Internet

Foss, Kirsten

Theory of the Firm

Friis, Ivar

Management Accounting, Performance Management

Gammelgaard, Jens

Brewery Sector, Headquarters-subsidiary Relationships

Gammelgaard, Britta

Global Supply Chain Management, Strategic Procurement, Supply Chain Strategies, Urban Freight Logistics

Gammeltoft, Peter

China, Developing Countries, Economic Development, Emerging Economies, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Indonesia, Internationalization of Innovation, Multinational Corporations (MNCs)

Garofalo, Orsola

Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Organizational Economics

Geersbro, Jens

B2B Marketing, Business Relationships and Networks, Market Management, Market Strategy, Sales

Glückstad, Fumiko Kano

Consumer Value Survey, Cross-cultural Psychology, Intercultural Consumer Values and Behaviors, Intercultural Market Communication, Japanese Business Negotiation, Japanese Consumer Behavior, Japanese Consumer Industry, Value Analysis

Grasten, Maj

Humanitarian Governance and Assistance, International Organisations, State-building, The Role of Law, Courts and Legal Professionals in Global Governance

Gravier, Magali

Bureaucratic Representation / Representative Bureaucracy, European Union, French Politics, Theories of Empire

Greve, Carsten

Public Management, Public Management Reform, Public-private Partnerships (PPPs)

Grimpe, Christoph

Innovation Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Groes, Fane Naja

E-Science, Occupational Mobility

Grønholdt, Lars

Consumer Behaviour, Customer Behaviour, Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty, Customer Relationships, Customer Satisfaction, Market Analysis, Quantitative Methods

Guerra, Alice

Economics, Experimental Economics, Insurance, Law and Economics, Leadership, Microeconomics, Secret Ballots, Tax Evasion, Tort Liability, Vote-buying

Haakonsson, Stine

Danish Firms in Emerging Markets (China, India), Economic Geography, Global Renewable Energy, Global Value Chains, Globalisation of Innovation, Innovation Networks, Pharmacuetical & Bio-tech Industry, Technology Transfer

Hald, Kim Sundtoft

Blockchain and Production, Inventory and Production Management, Operations Management, Performance Management and Measurement, Productivity Management and Competitiveness, Purchasing and Procurement, Sourcing, Outsourcing, Offshoring and Backsourcing, Supplier Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Production

Hallin, Carina Antonia

Behavioral Economics, Cognition, Collective Intelligence, Crowd Predictions, Crowdsourcing, International Management, Prediction Markets

Hansen, Torben

Applied Statistics, Consumer Behaviour

Hansen, Carsten Ørts

Accounting, Arctic Shipping, Business Models, Commercializing Product and Service Innovation, Finance, Managerial Economics, Maritime Business Issues, Performance Management, Pricing Strategies, Servitization, Sociology, Start-ups

Hardt, Daniel

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, E-Science, Language Technology, Linguistics, Social Media

Harrington, Brooke

Groups and Organizations, Markets, Offshore Banking, Professions, Taxation, Wealth and Elites

Hatani, Faith

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Emerging Economies/Developing Countries, Global Value Chains (GVC), Government-business Relations, International Business and Economic Development, Strategies of Multinational Enterprises (MNEs)

Hedman, Jonas

Banking, Cashless Society, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), Mobile Payments, Online Marketplaces, Open Banking, Open-API, Payments, ESports

Helmersen, Ole

British Political History, British Politics, British Society

Hendriksen, Christian

International Environmental Shipping Regulation, International Lobbying, The Role of Firms in Politics

Henningsson, Stefan

Digital Business, Fair Trade, Food Traceability, IT Strategy, International Trade, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Henriksen, Helle Zinner

Adoption and Diffusion of Innovations, E-government, IT Strategy in the Public and Private Sector, IT in the Public Sector

Henriksen, Lasse Folke

Elites, Professions, Social Networks, Sociology of Economics, Sustainability Standards

Hernes, Tor

Organization Theory, Organizational Sensemaking, Organizing, Process Philosophy, Process Theory, Time

Hjorth, Daniel

Art and Business, Business Incubation, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Management Philosophy, Organisational Creativity, Process Philosophy

Hjulmand, Lise-Lotte

English Morphology and Syntax

Hockerts, Kai

Corporate Sustainability, Family Offices, Impact Investing, Responsible Management Education, Social Entrepreneurship, Venture Philanthropy

Hoisl, Karin

Intellectual Property Management, Knowledge Management, Organizational Innovation

Holle, Marie-Louise

Tort Law

Holm, Morten

Customer Profitability Management

Hotho, Jasper

Institutional Analysis of Societies, International Management, Organizational Learning

Hsuan, Juliana

Innovation Management, Mass Customization and Postponement Strategi, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Platform and Modularization Strategies, Product & Service Design Management, Service Operations Management, Servitization and Product Service Systems

Håkanson, Lars

International Entrepreneurship, International R&D, International Strategy and Management, Knowledge Management, Organization in Multinational Enterprises, Post-merger Integration Management

Højbjerg, Erik Caparros

Corporate Political Communication, Economic Sociology and Sociology of Finance, Financial Literacy and Education, Higher Eduction, Education Policy, Political Communication, Political Market Creation (EU Internal Market), Public-private Management

Imbierowicz, Björn

Corporate Finance, Financial Intermediation

Irwin, Alan

Research Policy, Science and Democracy, Science and Society, Science and Technology Policy

Jacobsen, Kurt

Danish Business History, Danish Health Care System, Danish and International Communism, History of Telecommunications, Russia and the Soviet Union, The Danish Labour Market Model, The Danish Welfare Model

Jakobsen, Michael

Antropology and Asian societies, International Business in Asia, Internationalisation of Firms, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Penang,

Jensen, Svend Erik Hougaard

Macroeconomic Policy and Structural Reforms in the Eurozone, Macroeconomic and Generational Effects of Changing Demographics, Pensions and Social Security, Studies of Particular Policy Episodes

Jensen, Peter Ørberg

Global Sourcing, International Outsourcing, International Strategy, Offshoring

Jensen, Tina Blegind

Change Management and Organizational Development, Digital Transformation of Work, Healthcare, Healthcare IT, Implementation and Impacts of IT, Information Technology in the Workplace, Organizational Sensemaking, Sensemaking and Meaning Construction, Social Media in the Organization

Jeppesen, Kim Klarskov

Auditing, Fraud, Internal Auditing, Public Sector Auditing

Jessen, Mathias Hein

Associations, Civil Society, Corporations, Neoliberalism, Organizations, Political Thought, Refugees, Sovereignty, State

Jiang, Qiqi

Collective Intelligence, Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce), Open Source Software

Jindra, Bjørn

Economics of the Multinational Enterprise, Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) Location Choice, Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) and Emerging Markets, International Business Theory, Internationalization of Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation

Jinkins, David

International Trade, Knowledge Diffusion

Johansen, Thomas Riise

Auditing, Disclosures in the Annual Report

Johnsen, Rasmus

Boredom, Humanities and Social Sciences in Management Education, Mental Health at the Work-place, Stress and Depression, Teaching Philosophy at a Business School, The History of Melancholy

Johnsen, Christian Garmann

Creativity and Innovation Management, Organization Studies, Organizational Philosophy, Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Josiassen, Alexander

Co-Creation, Consumer Behavior, Consumer Psychology, Firm Strategy, Hospitality Management, International Marketing, Marketing Theory, Quantitative Research, Service Management, Tourism Management

Junghagen, Sven

Sport Management, Strategic Management

Justesen, Mogens Kamp

Democracy and Democratization, Economic Development, Political Regimes and Institutions, Property Rights and Economic Growth, Social Science Methods

Kaiser, Ulrich

Catastrophy Risk Financing, Corporate Strategy Development, Effective Strategy Processes, Global Financial Markets, International Management, Strategic Responsiveness, Strategic Risk Management

Kampmann, Christian Erik

Climate Policy, Energy Policy, Mathematical Modelling, Nonlinear Dynamics, Sustainability Innovation and Strategy, System Dynamics

Karlsen, Mads Peter

Philosophy of Religion

Karlsson, Christer

Automotive Industry, Aviation Industry, Competitiveness, Electronics Industry, Industrial Networks, Innovation Management, Intercultural Communication, Operations Strategy and Management, Organization Culture, Product Development Management, Servitization, Sourcing, Outsourcing and Off-shoring

Khorunzhina, Natalia

Household Economics, Household Finance

Kjær, Poul Fritz

Corporatism, European Integration, Global Governance, Political Economy, Social Theory, Socio-legal Studies

Kjærgaard, Annemette

Change Management, Higher Education and Pedagogics, Identity, Learning Technologies, Online Teaching, Sense Making and Meaning Construction, Teaching and Learning

Kock, Florian

Brands and Branding, Consumer Psychology, Destination Marketing, Emotions, Evolutionary Psychology, Food Marketing, Luxury Marketing, Nudging, Quantitative Research Methods, Tourism, Xenophobia

Kokko, Ari

Development Effects of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Economic Development in Vietnam, Internationalization of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), New Energy Industries in China

Kongsted, H.C.

Econometrics, Innovation and Human Capital, Innovation and Labour Mobility, Research Funding in Denmark

Kronborg, Dorte

Statistical Methods

La Cour, Lisbeth

Applied Econometric - Exchange Rate Modelling, Applied Econometrics - Education Economics with Focus on Student Performance at University Level, Applied Econometrics - Productivity Estimation Based on Firm Level Data, Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

Lando, David

Corporate Bonds, Credit Risk, Derivatives, Finance Theory, Financial Markets, Financial Regulation, Mathematical Finance, Risk Management, Statistical Methods in Finance

Lando, Henrik

Contract Law and Economics, Contract Theory, Economic Theory of Crime and Criminal Procedure, Law and Economics, Tort Law and Economics,

Langevang, Thilde

Entrepreneurship in Africa, Female Entrepreneurs in Africa, Youth Employment in Africa

Larsen, Birthe


Larsen, Marcus Møller

Emerging Economy, International Business, Multinational Corporations (MNCs), Offshoring, Outsourcing

Larsen, Linda Sandris

Household Finance, Portfolio Theory

Larsson, Magnus

Leadership, Leadership Development, Organization Development, Organizational Psychology, Process Consultation

Lau, Morten

Individual Decision Making, Risk Management, Savings Decisions

Leschke, Janine

Comparative Labour Market Politics, EU Labour Migration, Europe 2020, European Employment Strategy, Gender Equality, Job Quality, Non-standard Employment, Segmentation, Social Policies, Work Life Balance

Li, Xin

China Studies, International Business, Strategic Management

Lilja, Troels Michael

Company Law/Corporate Law, Entrepreneurial Companies, Entrepreneurship, Insolvency and Reconstruction Law, Legal Method, Limited Partnerships, Partnerships, Private Limited Companies, Public Limited Companies, Work with Court Decisions

Lindskoug, Patrik

Contract Law and Law of Obligations, International and Comparative Private Law, Property Law

Lopdrup-Hjorth, Thomas

Organization Theory

Lorenzen, Mark

Cities and Urban Development, Clusters, Creative and Cultural Industries, Experience Economy, Innovation Projects and Networks, Innovation Systems and Regional Development, Social Capital, The Film Industry (Denmark, Bollywood og Hollywood), The Music Industry, Trust and Social Networks

Lorenzo, Francesco Di

Corporate Venture Capital, Innovation Performance, Knowledge Flows, Mobility of Strategic Human Capital

Lubinski, Christina

Business History, European-Indian Relations, Family Business, German Capitalism, Multinational Corporations (MNCs), Political Risks in International Business

Lund, Anker Brink

Civil Society Studies, Valuation Theory

Lund, Joachim

Business History, Economic Crises in History, Economic Theory, German Occupation Policy, Germany during Nazism and War, History of Political Ideas, Holocaust, Political and Economic History, War and Society

Lund-Thomsen, Peter

China, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Developing Countries, Industrial Clusters, South Asia, Supply Chains

Lønsmann, Dorte

English as a Corporate Language, English in Denmark, Language Policy, Language and Integration, Language in the Workplace, Linguistic Diversity

Madsen, Dorte

Curriculum Development, Information Culture, Information Management, Interdisciplinarity, International Accreditation, Knowledge communication, Organisational Communication, Programme Management, Scholarly Communication

Markovic, Stefan

Brand Co-creation, Brand Experience, Corporate Brands, Ethical Brands, Services Brands

Martensen, Anne

Brand Management, Consumer Behavior, Customer Experience Management (CEM), Customer Loyalty, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Satisfaction, Market Research, Marketing Research, Quantitative Methods and Models, Relationship Marketing

Marton, Attila

Digital Memory Studies and Digital Forgetting, IT and Society, Information Management, Sharing Economy

Maskell, Peter

Clusters, Construction Industry, Division of Labor, Economic Geography, Harbor Investment and Management, Inter-firm Interaction, Localization, Physical Planning

Medaglia, Rony

E-democracy, E-government, Social media in the public sector

Meisiek, Stefan

Business Innovation, Leadership

Mogensen, Mette

Development of Human Resources, Employee Well-Being, Psycho-Social Work Environment Issues, Work Organization

Mol, Michael

Global Strategy, Management Innovation, Multinational Corporations (MNCs), New Management Practices, Offshoring, Open Innovation, Outsourcing, Strategic Change, Strategic Management

Moon, Jeremy

Business and Governance, Business and Government, Business and Politics, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Corporations and Sustainability

Morales, Dolores Romero

Big Data Analytics, Revenue Management, Supply Chain Management

Morin, Annaïg

Labor Economics, Macroeconomics

Mors, Marie Louise

Competition for Resources, Global Strategy, Knowledge Sharing, Professional Service Firms, Social Networks

Muhr, Sara Louise

Culture, Diversity, Gender, Human Resource Management (HRM), Leadership, Organisation Theory

Mulvad, Andreas Møller

China's Communist Party, Civil Society and Property, Historical Development of Capitalism, Labour History, Political Economy of China, Political Ideologies, Political Theory of Democracy, Societal Development in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, Xi Jinping

Munk, Claus

Household Finance, Investment Theory, Portfolio Theory

Musacchio Adorisio, Anna Linda Musacchio

Accounting Communication, Bank Management, Deregulation in the Financial Sector, Financial Communication, Global Banking, Management and Organizational History, Organizational Culture, Organizational Identity, Storytelling

Mygind, Niels

Economic Development in Emerging Markets, the BRIC-countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China, Employee Ownership, Transition and Economic Development in Eastern and Central Europe and Russia

Müller, Henrik Høeg

Language Studies in a Typological/Comparative Perspective, Linguistics with special reference to Spanish, Multilingual Treebanks, Spanish Identities

Møller, Michael

Art and Economics, Corporate Governance, Housing Economics, Incentive Schemes Including Stock Options, Personal Finance, Portfolio Investments

Nielsen, Peter Arnt

Commercial Law, Danish and International Arbitration, EU Law, International Contract Law, Private International Law, The Opt-out on Justice and Home Affairs and the Opt-in Model

Nielsen, Søren Feodor

Statistical Methodology

Nielsen, Bo Bernhard

Knowledge Management, Multilevel Theory and Method, Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures, Top Management Teams and Management

Nielsen, Niels Christian

Financial Markets, Incentives, Pension Economics

Nielsen, Mads Stenbo

Credit Derivatives, Credit Risk, Liquidity Risk

Nielsson, Ulf

Iceland, Stock Exchanges, Stock Market Organization

Olafsson, Arna

Behavioral Finance, FinTech, Household Finance, Labor Economics, Pension Economics, Public Finance

Olaison, Lena

Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship and Education, Organisational Philosophy, Qualitative Methodology, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship

Ougaard, Morten

Emerging Economies in Global Politics, International Political Economy, International Trade and Investment Policy, Power Relations in the Global Political Economy, The BRIC Countries in the Global Political Economy, WTO

Papazu, Irina

Climate Change and Climate Politics, Community-based Renewable Energy Transitions, Entrepreneurship and Social Change, Ethnographic Methods, Knowledge, Technology and Society, Organization, Sustainability

Parum, Claus

Capital Structure (Financing of Firms), Corporate Finance, Cost of Capital, Investment Decisions, Ownership Structure, Payout Policy (Share Buyback and Dividend), Risk Premium, Stock Markets, Taxation, Valuation of Corporations

Paunova, Minna

Cross-cultural Management, Diversity, especially National Diversity, Global Leadership, Leadership, Multicultural and Multinational Teams

Pedersen, Esben Rahbek Gjerdrum

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Responsible Management, Sustainable Business Models

Pedersen, Mogens Kühn

Blockchain, Digitization Management, Governance, Information Management Economics, Information Policy

Pemsel, Sofia

Governance, Knowledge and Learning, Project Management, Project Organization, Project-based Organizations

Petersen, Bent

Business Models of Service Firms, Global Sourcing, Internationalization of Firms, Strategic Contracting

Pettersson, Kim

Empirical/archival Accounting - and/or Auditing Research, Panel Data

Plesner, Ursula

Digitalization of Public Organizations, Organizational Perspectives on Digitalization

Poetz, Marion

Cross-Industry Innovation / Analogous Market Effects, Crowdsourcing, Distributed Problem Solving, Managing and Organizing Innovation, New Product Development, Open Innovation, Organizational Learning, User Innovation

Ponte, Stefano

Business and Sustainability, Ethical Trade and Consumption, Cause-related Marketing, Global Value Chains and Production Networks, Political Economy of Development, Sustainability Partnerships, Labels and Certifications, Transnational Environmental Governance

Poulsen, René Taudal

Maritime Economics, Maritime History

Pozzoli, Dario

Applied Economics, Firm Productivity, Labour Economics, Trade

Prado, Mauricio

Public Finance

Presskorn-Thygesen, Thomas

Philosophy of Economics, Philosophy of Science, Rationality, Social Norms in Society and Business

Prockl, Günter

Analysis and Change of Business Processes, Application of Information Technology in Supply Chains, Business Model Innovation in Logistics and Supply Chains, Logistic Challenges in eCommerce and Home Shopping, Management of Logistics Services and Logistics Service Providers, Management of Transportation Systems, Supply Chain Design, Supply Chain Management

Rabbiosi, Larissa

Knowledge Sharing and Transfer in Multiunit/multinational Corporations, Organizational Design and Performance

Raffnsøe, Sverre

Aesthetics, Foucault, Social Analytics, Affirmative Critique, Management and Governance, Motivational Theory, Organizations and Organisation Studies, Philosophy, Social Theory and the Social Bond, The Philosophy of Law, Welfare

Rai, Sudhanshu

Classical Indian Thought, Indian Logic, Co-creation of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Innovation in Emerging Economies, Knowledge Management

Ramirez, Jacobo

Business Development in Latin America

Rangvid, Jesper

Eurozone Economics, Exchange Rates, Finance, Financial Crises, International Economics, International Finance, Monetary Policy, Mutual Funds

Rasche, Andreas

CSR Reporting, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Corruption, Global Governance, Human Rights, NGO-Business Partnerships, Sustainability, UN Global Compact, United Nations

Razmerita, Liana

Artificial Intelligence, Co-creation and Collaborative Innovation, Digital Transformation of Work, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Sharing, Knowledge Work, Learning Environments and Cross-Cultural Collaboration, Personalization, Social Media in Organizations, User Modelling, Virtual Communication and Collaboration

Reckendrees, Alfred

Business History, Corporate Governance, Economic Development, Economic History, Entrepreneurship, Financial Crises, German Capitalism, Industrial Organization, Institutional and Organizational Change, Organizational Innovation

Reisch, Lucia

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Policy, Nudging, Sustainable Consumption

Risager, Ole

International Institutions, International Macro Economics and Finance, Investment in Theory and Practice, Supervisory Corporate Boards and Management, Value Investing

Risberg, Annette

Diversity Management, Organizational Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Qualitative Methods

Ritter, Thomas

Business Development, Competitiveness, Customer Insight, Customer Relationships, Market Strategy, Value Creation and Capture

Rocha, Vera

Entrepreneurship Dynamics, Start-up Firms

Rønde, Thomas

Economics of Innovation

Savin, Andrej

Communication, E-business, European Union and EU Law, Information Technology, International Arbitration, International Commercial Litigation, Internet Law, Law and Jurisprudence

Schmidt, Peter Koerver

Tax Law, in Particular Danish and International Corporate Tax Law

Schneider, Cédric

Industry-science Links and Innovation, Intellectual Property and Patent Policy, Productivity and Firm Performance, The French Economy

Schoeneborn, Dennis

CSR Communication, Computer-mediated Communication, Corporate Communication, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Extreme Forms of Organizing, Organisational Communication

Schultz, Majken

Corporate Branding, Culture, Engaged Scholarship, Organization and Leadership

Schäfers, Tobias

Access-based Services, B2B Marketing, Pricing

Seabrooke, Leonard

Demographic Change, Financial Reform, International Organizations, Professions, Taxation

Severgnini, Battista

Economic Development, Economic Growth, Economic History, Italian History, Italian Politics, Match Fixing, Productivity, Sport Economics

Shehu, Edlira

Advertising Research, Innovation Management, Marketing Analytics, Non-profit Marketing, Product Return Management

Shollo, Arisa

IT Implementation, IT Management and Organization, IT Project Management, IT and Supply Chain Management, Information Technology, Management Technology, Organisational Decision-making Processes, Project Portfolio Management, Strategic Use of IT

Sløk-Andersen, Beate

Armed forces, Military

Sofka, Wolfgang

Closure of Foreign Firms, Collaboration, Commercialization of Ideas, Innovation, International Business

Stein, Mari-Klara

Digital Transformation of Work, Information Technology in the Workplace, Technology and Workplace Well-being (Coping with Stress and Emotions)

Steingrimsdottir, Herdis

Education, Educational Choices, Family Policies, Labor Economics, Parental Leave

Sørensen, Morten

Entrepreneurial Finance, Private Equity, Venture Capital

Sørensen, Jan Anders

Crime and Economics (Incentive Structures)

Tackney, Charles

Higher Education Curriculum Design, Industrial and Employment Relations, Interdisciplinary Research Methods, Theology of the Workplace

Tan, Chee-Wee

Crowdsourcing / Crowdfunding Platforms, Digital Service Design and Innovation, Disruptive Innovation, Electronic / Mobile Commerce, Electronic Government (E-Government), Gamification, Human-Computer Interaction, Reduction and Visualization of Big Data Environments, Social Media

Themsen, Tim Neerup

Behavioural Aspects of Management Accounting, Enterprise Risk Management, Project Risk Management

Thomsen, Steen

Corporate Governance

Thomsen, Thyra Uth

Consumption and Identity, Transformations and Consumption

Thrane, Sof

Control of Innovation, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Management Accounting, Pricing, Supply Chain Accounting

Thygesen, Niels Thyge

Public Management, Time and Technologies, Trust

Tollin, Karin

Marketing Management, Marketing Strategy, Marketing and Corporate Sustainability

Trier, Matthias

Enterprise Social Networks, Social Media in the Organization, Social Network Analysis, Virtual Communication

Trzaskowski, Jan

Consumer Protection Law, IT- and Internet Law, Marketing Law, Privacy Law

Tsingou, Eleni

Demographic Change, Global Banking Regulation and Financial Reforms, Money Laundering

Tvarnø, Christina D.

Contract Law, EU Law, Partnering, Public Private Law, Public Private Partnership

Uldam, Julie

Activism and Social Media, CSR and Climate Change, Corporate Reputation and Social Media, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Media and Democratic Participation

Vámosi, Tamás

Incentives in Organizations, Management Accounting, Managerial Economics, Organizational Economics, Performance and Control

van der Borgh, Michel

Big Data Analyses, Ecosystem Management, Innovation Management, Marketing, Multilevel Modelling, Process Mining, Qualitative Analyses, Sales Management, Service Management, Structural Equation Modelling

Varnes, Claus

Business Models, Decision Making, New Product Development, Performance Management, Portfolio Management, Project Management, Stage-Gate

Vatrapu, Ravi

Big Data Analytics, E-Science, E-learning, Intercultural Collaboration, Social Media Analytics, Social Media Management, Technology Enhanced Learning

Vendelø, Morten Thanning

Corporate Reputation, Crisis Management, Crowd Safety, Disaster Research, Event Safety, Innovation Management, Organizational Learning and Adaptation

Venter, Gyuri

Information in Financial Markets, Limits of Arbitrage, Liquidity and Frictions, Market Dysfunctionality

Vestergaard, Anne

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Communication, Discourse and Power, Humanitarian Communication, Sociology of the Media

Vetterlein, Antje

Development Policies and Social Policies, IMF, World Bank

Vikkelsø, Signe

Cancer, Change Management, Electronic Patient Records, Healthcare, Information Technology, Organization, Organizational Analysis, Organizational Change, Psychology, Work Organization

Villesèche, Florenche

Discourse Analysis, Diversity Management, Gender, Identity, Networks, Women on Boards and in Senior Management

von Wallpach, Sylvia

Brand Knowledge, Brand Strategy, Brands and Branding, Consumer Life Transitions and Brand Consumption, Multi-stakeholder Brand Co-creation, Qualitative Research Methods

Wad, Peter

Corporate Innovation, Country Expertise - Malaysia, Global Automobile Industry, Industrial Policy in Developing Countries, Labour Markets in Developing Countries, Research Philosophy and Methodology

Werther, Charlotte

British Identities, English-Medium Instruction (EMI)

Westergaard-Nielsen, Niels

Economic Policy in the Recession, Human Capital, Human Resource Management (HRM), Job Creation and Job Elimination, Labour Market, Macro Economics and Labour Market, Small and Medium Size Enterprises, Wages and Incentives

Wieland, Andreas

Automotive Supply Chains, CSR in Supply Chains, Fair Trade, Machine Learning and Supply Chain Management, Resilient Supply Chains, Risk Management in Global Supply Chains, Social Responsibility in the Garment Industry, Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Supply Chains

Wigan, Duncan

Political Economy of International Finance, Political Economy of International Taxation

Wilke, Ralf Andreas

Econometrics, Labour Market, Social Security, Statistical Methods, Unemployment

Willert, Jeanette

Accounting Information Systems, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Management Control Systems, Managerial Economics

Worm, Verner

Chinese Business Culture, Chinese Indigenous Management,, Chinese Outward Investments, Cross-cultural Management, Danish Management in China, Danish-Chinese Relations, International Management, International Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

Xiao, Xiao

Cloud Computing, Digital Platforms, E-commerce in China

Zenker, Sebastian

City Image, City Marketing and Branding, Municipality Marketing and Branding, Overtourism, Regional Marketing and Branding, Tourism

Zhang, Yanlei

Financial Reporting Quality, Internal Control and Auditing, Social Responsiblity and Ethics, Social and Environmental Accounting

Zichella, Giulio

Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Managerial Economics, Pricing Management

Zølner, Mette

Collective Identities and Languages, French Politics and Social Conditions, Interculturel Communication and Management, Organizational Culture and Identity

Ørsnes, Bjarne

German Language, German Society, Intercultural Communication, Linguistics